Welcome to the new forum

Not sure if good-or-bad but I've noticed everytime I open the "Current visitors" page Gooogle-robots are "scanning" the members list one by one. I don't know what these can read out but I formyself would prefer if just members have access to the members list area. Just my 2cts of course.

Ooops - it´s now completely invisible/unreachable/blocked it seems. In the former version I usually have the list open to check which threads are of interest to check if they need info update or corrected links. Now I don´t have any access to that list.

What about file size limit for upload?
Before I could go with ~800kB zip but not anymore.
For those of us who try to help others with zipped jas files and little gif tutorials:
Please allow 1MB file upload!

Sorry to bring this up - it's not really important, however the animated GIF's for avatars don't seem to work. This was mentioned earlier in this thread, but it's still not fixed.