Camera HDRI


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Camera HDRI

How about the automatic camera light is just an HDRI by default OR the default scene includes the default HDRI (with background switched off, or new users will go bonkers).

I think this would make simple renders much better by default, give new users much better results before they figure out lighting, and eliminate a lot of "why does my steel ball look black" questions.


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:smile: I second the motion.

That sounds like a very good idea to me if it would fit into martin's development schedule.

I find working with the HDRI's is a lot easier and I have a better chance over all to achieve a better render if I use a HDRI.

As Pod mentioned: there would be a better chance of beginners successfully rendering matts like metal.
I think there are C3Ders who have been hanging around for a while who aren't aware of the importance of HDRI's for certain matts.

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A default HDRI light would have saved me a lot of grief when I started with Cheetah 3D. It would have allowed me to focus on modeling with the reward of satisfying renders to make the effort feel all worth while. The HDRI light from my 3D moon tutorial is my default light now. It was created in a hurry using Affinity Photo. I use it for everything and just rotate it and bump up the intensity as needed. I plan on fine tuning it and making a few more.


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As an option ok, but not for a default scene - because i would author my scene himself and i don't like »automatically«...


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As an option ok, but not for a default scene - because i would author my scene himself and i don't like »automatically«...
Right now the default "camera light" is like a flash coming out of the camera lens. It looks terrible. Is that better? If you "author my scene himself" then the default would be to get a black rectangle until you figure out lighting. Is that better?


Here's a steel ball on a stucco plane rendered with the "camera light" (what you currently get by default)


Same scene if you render with the default HDRI with background switched off.

Replacing the default HDRI with a more neutral "studio" setup would be even better, to prevent the "why are buildings shown in reflections" questions ;-)