Secret Space Program - vessels

Secret Space Program - vessels

I was asked to contribute some visualizations to a documentary film being released in October called "Above Majestic: The Implications of a Secret Space Program"

They needed some concepts rendered based on various testimony and other information. This vessel is based on the suggestion (from William Tompkins & Corey Goode) that some of our first vessels into space (in the 1950s) were actually submarines outfitted with early anti-gravity technology wrapped onto the outside of the hull. Using this as a concept, I modified an actual sub design (removing all the propulsion and weapon based aspects) and then added various elements (extra tanks/storage and technology) more suitable for interplanetary travel.

I created a number of animations using this vessel and others I made using Cheetah 3D. I will create some links to some animations in the near future.



Great model. Could you show the original for a comparison?

The texture is good enough for a concept, of course, but with (more) bump or even some displacement it could be truly great.

Never heard of this theory, and it's better I don't talk too much about it as I don't know if you take such things seriously (I don't believe in such things myself, but in my opinion everybody can think what he or she wants. It doesn't have to make sense for me). But I hope you understand that I find it funny while meaning no disrespect. Do you know what they think happened to the early anti-gravity tech and what's going on with the modern one?

I always wanted to create some space vessel for fun, but somehow never got to it.


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* Ooops!
* Unfortunately, my entire documentation on anti gravity devices (from the early 50s to just the day before yesterday) floated off into deep space when I opened the window mistakenly :rolleyes: :tongue: :smile:

* By the way, good old Isaac´s venerated formula (m1 x m2) / d^2 implies that all you need is a bit of negative mass. I think I have some left-overs in the cellar, tied to a lead balloon.
I was asked to contribute some visualizations to a documentary film being released in October called "Above Majestic: The Implications of a Secret Space Program"
Rene, good work.
It would be fun to see a render with a star field and directional (sun) light.
Impressive work!

I have some relatives who could provide negative mass. Just strap them onto the underside and as long as they can still talk, they will bring everyone down! To adjust the strength of the field, just adjust their oxygen supply.
I've been inspired to continue expanding renderscapes of an old model (the smaller ISRV) and a new 2km long deep space cigar vessel.

Rendered in Cheetah. The backgrounds are screen captures from an interesting software called Space Engine Universe Simulator ( So yeah, the impressive planet and moon backgrounds are another software. I was able to easily composite renders of my vessels inside Cheetah by using the image as a background inside the Camera settings. I did have to set up a Distant Light and match the direction of the light to the background image. I then put this light INSIDE the Camera like you would add an object to a folder or a modifier to an object. Then I could rotate and shift my point of view however, frame my 3D models however and the lighting would still match the background. I did a lot of renders to find the right angle to frame each scene. In the end, I'm quite happy with the end results.

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