New box modelling book out now


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New box modelling book out now

I haven’t posted here for ages as I do most of my modelling in Modo these days, but I frequently stop by and see what’s going on. I just wanted to let you folks know that William Vaughan, the Modo equivalent of Frank Beckmann, has released an awesome new book on the fundementals of box modelling, which covers all sorts of useful areas such as good topology, getting rid of triangles and spinning edges to reflow your polygons. It also has a section that shows you how to reduce sections of your geometry for example joining 3 polygons into 1 polygon. I picked it up yesterday and it seems super handy. I wish I had it when I first started out :) It’s available as a pdf for $25 here:
I’m not affiliated with the author I just found it very useful and thought that the cheetah community might think so too.
Have a great day everyone.


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I also like the "pay what you think is fair" with a suggested price. I'm trying to come up with a model for Learn 3D that is based on something other than dealing with eBook vendors.