Print objects in console


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Print objects in console

Hello! My first post to this forum.
I am relatively new to Cheetah3D, I wish to use it mainly by scripting, and try to evaluate the workflow before investing more time in javascript.
Please, how to get "-1,-1,0" rather than "[object CallBackObject]" with the print() below?
var verts=[new Vec3D(1,-1,0), new Vec3D(-1,-1,0), new Vec3D(-1,1,0), new Vec3D(1,1,0)];


======== solved ====
var test = verts[1];
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Javascript has lots of convenient tools for "introspection" (asking questions about the things you're looking at and tearing things apart).

The best way to learn Javascript is interactively in a web browser — e.g. fire up Safari, and in Preferences check "show develop menu in menu bar". Now you can hit command-option-i and get a javascript console to play with. (Sadly, it won't drive Cheetah :) )

In the console you can play with Javascript.

For fun, go to a web page and type: document.body.setAttribute('contenteditable', true) — now you can edit the entire page like it's a Word document!

Anyway, you can do things like:

typeof {} // it will return 'object'

Object.keys({x: 10, y: 5, z: -4}) // it will return ['x', 'y', 'z']

It's pretty easy to write a function that will "walk" all the properties of an object and print them out (so you don't need to manually write a bunch of prints for every damn thing.

You might find this script useful or informative:

It produces documentation for Cheetah's built-in objects (select something and use it and it creates a markdown file for it; get a copy of MacDown if you want to see the documentation nicely formatted).

Unfortunately, C3D doesn't offer an interactive console.



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I was using the OS X Script Editor for Javascript testing, as I am more familiar with this than with a browser development tools. Unfortunately, the Script Editor neither wont drive Cheetah, and it is a bit strange, as Cheetah probably uses JavaScriptCore:

Thanks to Artyom Neustroev, I have adapted his function working for Cheetah:

function iterate(obj, stack) {
    for (var property in obj) {
        if (obj.hasOwnProperty(property)) {
            if (typeof obj[property] == "object") {
                iterate(obj[property], stack + '.' + property);
                } else {
                 stack += property + ": " + obj[property] + "     ";
Thank you for the infos.
Cheetah is an amazing 3D app, hiding power behind simplicity and elegance.