Some objects missing after upgrading to 7.1.1

Some objects missing after upgrading to 7.1.1


Was on v6 until yesterday, and opened a file today on my second Mac to check (two machines):

1. A file of a hand with joints rigged seems invisible in v7 but visible in v6? Anything I should do in regards of this to fix it?

2. Other objects in the same file are visible (like a dice I made).

Thanks for any tip / help on this guys! Hope to not do the scene again or re-install v6.


frank beckmann

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Hi Moo.
It´s quite a leap from v6 to v7 including some major UI changes+additions: see screenshot.
Can you please call the Info first for that particular scene while it´s open in v7 to check if any geometry has loaded already and it´s more an issue regarding displaying. What macOS you´re running?



Thank you as always Frank!

Hey Frank! So great to see you are still no 1 in the forum ;-)

Copied the whole scene to a new document and now all is good. Wonderful!

:) Moo

Ps. The new renderer looks good!

frank beckmann

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Good to hear it´s working now.
If there´s anything else - maybe try this forum next time (We´ll catcha wherever questions arise though) as we´re now in the Cheetah3d scripting section.
Lot´s of new stuff to discover for you then.
Have fun. :p