Automating split via script?

Automating split via script?


I have a sphere object that is made up of many triangles.

I need to select each triangle and split it out as it's own object.

I then take that triangle and flip the normal. Then I UV unwrap with ABF.

Then I select the next triangle and repeat.

This is extremely tedious.

Is there a way to do this via script?

I have tried to find basic tutorials to create a script but having issues finding any.

Does something like this already exist? At least the splitting part would help.

A guess a wishlist item would be to select all triangles and split them all instead of one by one would be very helpful.



frank beckmann

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Hi Joe.
Maybe this will help in the meantime.
Generate a stam-looped Icosahedron which will produce a spherical object made from triangles only - flip normals if necessary.
Get Hiroto´s polygon "Explosion.js" script and drag the Icosahedron onto it in the object browser.
Hit "Update"-button and make "editable" - it will disconnect all triangles.
Select every triangle and call "UV Unwrap with ABF/LCSM" in UV editor.
Call the Tool-script: "Polygon UV Editor.js":
Enter at U and V Tiles: 1
Hit "OK"-button at "Apply Tile". All triangles will move to the upper right corner of the UV template.
This of course don´t help with split polygons to separate objects.