Sound Loader.js - v7+ only


Hi! This is (potentially) such an awesome tool, but I don't get the basic workflow. Sorry. Can someone please just give a quick rundown of the steps to make this work. And also any other limitations (length of sound, etc) For me nothing is happening - but hope it will someday! : )



frank beckmann

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In essence you put the two scripts (Sound Loader Helper, Sound Loader.js) in to the Polygonobj-folder and need the additional F-Curve Controller tag script.
Call the Sound Loader script from Tools->Script->Polygon Script and load a sound file via "load".
Add the F-Curve Controller tag script to the sound loader from Tools->Script->Tag Script.
Now one can tell how the wave form (now f-curves) should modify the target object via different available parameters - in the end you´ ll bake the f-curve data to the target object and have an animated object driven by sound. That´s the theory.
I can´ t get it to run right now and my file from Nov. last year didn´ t seem to work anymore.
So I´ m a bit clueless how to get this workflow to run properly.