Challenge Weeks - 13-14 - Pokemon Master!

Challenge Weeks - 13-14 - Pokemon Master!

They need come alive! So the contest is, how many pokemons you can catch??

Make a 3D Pokemon with Cheetah and post here!

Few examples of 3d Pokemons!

Who will be the next Pokemon Master??


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Work in progress

Still making the sculpt/mesh.
Above the work in progress.

Pokémon - Mew

Modelling - Sculptris /Done 2 Hours
Retopo - Blender - /Curent 1 Hour
Texture paint - Blender /To do

Final render - Cheetah /To do =)


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Im still working on textures and here is the current progress.
Its currently used a movie eyes texture, tomorrow i will redraw it, and add some more details to foot and hands.


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Hello Pablo,
I find it a really good idea!
Although I hate the cartoon I think the characters are great subjects to model in 3d as it is very simple but with proportions and unusual features.

Good job on Mew!
Always love your renders.
But not knowing Sculptris I do not understand why spend three hours between modeling and retopo in blender since in Cheetah3D is possible with a bit of extrude, ringcut and then push and pull model this type of characters in about an hour ..
Here is my attempt for the contest

Pokémon - Pikachu (The one I hate most!:tongue: )

Molded in cheetah3d (about 1/2 Hour)
Skeleton and UV map (about 1/2 Hour)
Texture in ps (about 5 min)
Lights in cheetah3d (about 5 min)
Render (7.51 sec)


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Nice render Weedo, now whe can have a pokemon battle! hahahha

Abbout the sculptures i like it becouse it give a fast idea of what to do, for make a traditional 3d model you will need a blue print, but on scultures you can draw it from 0 and see what you will have. But true on a Pokemon its may be no necessary because it dont have much details on mesh, so i do it for training purpose.. ^^

but whe must keep on mind if you want to make a realistic badass monster you will need many muscles, scratches and vessels thats impossible to make on traditional modelling.

and abbout Mew, soon i will update the render it evolved a bit. =)