Challenge Weeks - 11-12 - Low Poly Movies, briefly

Challenge Weeks - 11-12 - Low Poly Movies, briefly

Hi there,
long time i dont see a challenge here, so i decided to continue it.

This weekend contest is abbout low poly, but not a simple one!
It must be a briefly of a existing cinema movie!

Above some examples by Anuraag from New Delhi, India.

Lets show the power of the Cheetah!
Good luck!


frank beckmann

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Thanks guys. Here ´s a wireframe shot. The title is geometry as well. I was after the noisy look and got it out of the box - so no post process here - pure Cheetah3d. :p
I like your "Jaws" poster as well. :icon_thumbup:



I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's creations; Frank, your American Beauty is so direct, love the flower and belly button. Pat, your Kill Bill is so bold, I love your interpretation and the floating text in front. Zoohead, I really appreciate your minimalism on Alien, also very direct. Pablo, great move away from the "posters" - the black and white lighting is awesome.

I can't stop - these are so fun. This one is all rendered in one pass in Cheetah - no composite (except for text) - just a little bit of post (levels and saturation) for some pop.


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