Referenced Particles.js

Referenced Particles.js


it's a particle script to create particle(s) with specified position / rotation / scale of object(s).

update: 20160217 - rotation bug fixed.

update: 20170723 - add some options.



tg_jp, Hiroto.
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Hi Hiroto,
Wow, that is a pretty cool script for placing particles individually. Thanks for creating it.:smile: :smile:

Hi Hiroto

Nice script, thanks for creating and sharing!

I'm wondering if it may be possible to add a parameter that allows you to rotate the individual referenced particles by rotating the 'reference object'?

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance.
--Shift Studio.
pyramids vs spheres - right? so you can see what is going to point where.
Maybe a little x,y,z set of arrows would be even better.

I will try that.

--shift studio.
thanks Frank!

I will do that.

Still, a 'live' update would be nice - I suppose there are reasons that I didn't consider why it is done with a manual update though.

--shift studio.
lights don't travel with the referenced objects

There is an issue for me that when you reference an object which contains a light, the particles don't have the light with them.

Easier to see in my screen shots, and attached file.

This was tested using Cheetah3d v7.0b14.

Hopefully there a fix can be made at some point.
--shift studio.


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I thought lights&particles never worked together and might never will. Proof: put a light source into a Particle Array.


Yes, I suppose I knew that, but forgot.
I spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out. It didn't help that my referenced object was in another file and being accessed by a smart folder.
And that there was glass involved...

Anyways, seems geometry lights with emissive materials work as expected.

Thanks for clearing it up.
--shift studio.