Challenge Week 5 - 6 - Lucky Bamboo

Wax On!

I'm not thrilled with my attempt so far. This one has been
like pulling teeth for me, and it still needs a container.

I also added some shadows in PS for drama.



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Eats Shoots and Leaves

Lucky Panda, unlucky bamboo!


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    Snack Break.jpg
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…thought I might as well carry on having made the bamboo bits and pieces. The interesting thing (for me) looking at Nichod's original image was the lighting, which I've tried to recreate here… with regular materials and procedural, not retouched in Photoshop just resized… and now for dinner and a glass of 'Vino Collapso' or two or… :)


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Thanks guys, I did have a textured effect at one time, wasn't too keen on it, maybe I'll give it another look.

Cheers, Pat