Challenge Weeks 3-4 - Fight Club

Here's my bubbles if you want a look.


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Here's my bubbles if you want a look.

Hi Uncle

I think you're going for a 'soap bubble' approach whereas I'm looking more at water droplets.

Seeing the different approaches to these topics is exactly what makes them so interesting, even when Zoohead goes a little 'off piste' it just adds to the fun.

If we all did exactly the same thing it wouldn't be half as entertaining.

Keep 'em coming :icon_thumbup: Pat
Here are a couple of tests with drops and blobs with a slightly revised water drop material.

Material doesn't work too well with very reflective surfaces unless you uncheck 'visible in reflections' with a render tag, also turned off other unneccesary/unwanted functions.

The 'water' material and splines svg are in the zip file for anyone wants to play around, what you get will depend on your substrate materials and lighting set up, enjoy :)

Ah, the 'water' material settings may be a little eccentric, I turned everything completely off and worked back step by step, hah, that was fun! :roll:


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