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Cheetah3D is designed with users in mind, from the interface to the functionality and training. Built in the software is searchable help documentation of all the main features and tools. Additional online video tutorials can also be accessed through the help included in Cheetah3D. A vibrant online community of Cheetah3D users has developed through the online forums, providing help and guidance.

Cheetah3D For Beginners - Training Videos

Learn 3D with Cheetah3D 6

by Tonio Loewald

Understanding 3D graphics is fast becoming the key skill for the 21st century. Whether you're casually interested in learning to create 3D graphics on a Mac OS X, or a graphics professional looking to expand your skill set, this book will help you learn 3D concepts and how to use the easiest-to-use complete 3D package on the Macintosh.

You can find the ebook at:

iTunes for $19.99 $19.99 ePub with no DRM

Cheetah3d Handbook Volume2 Cheetah3d Handbook Basic Cheetah3Dの使い方。Ver.6対応版

Japanese Cheetah3D Handbooks

by Satoru Imatake

Satoru Imatake wrote two wonderful Japanese ebooks introducing you into the world of Cheetah3D. They guide you through many 3D technics from modeling, rendering to character animation. A great resource for learning Cheetah3D.

You can find both ebooks at:

Cheetah3D HandBook Basic編
Cheetah3D HandBook Vol.2 Character Modeling & Animation編

Cheetah3d Handbook Volume2

Cheetah3D Video Tutorials

by David Ellis

Over 8 hours of free and premium high quality video tutorials - covering everything from getting started with Cheetah3D to character rigging, realistic rendering and a lot more.

You can find the tutorials over at…