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Martin (Offline)
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Beitrag 4th Cheetah3D-Contest Winners - 01.12.2008, 14:05

The 4th Cheetah3D-Contest is over and we have our winners. First of all I want to thank all the participants who sent in all these amazing images. You all deserved a prize. Without you that contest wouldn't have been possible. Thank you very much.

Now lets come to the offical winners of the 4th Cheetah3D-Contest. The winners are:

1. Prizen, an Unity Indie + iPhone Basic, goes to Luke Bochinelli (43 votes)

2. Prize, an Unity Indie, goes to Ian McPhee (41 votes)

3. Prize, a 3D World subscription (1 year), goes to Satoru Imatake (30 votes)

Many congratulations. You did an amazing job. You will receive your prizes soon.

I hope that we will all meet again at the 5th Cheetah3D contest.



Last edited by Martin : 01.12.2008 at 14:19.
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wal3d (Offline)
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Default 01.12.2008, 14:13

Congratulations to all of you !!!

This are really great images ... perfect!!

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Mega (Offline)
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Default 01.12.2008, 14:24

All my three favorites won!
Next time I will go to bet some Euros.

Luke: tell us the truth, that's a photo... I saw you at the toys shop buying the Halo action figure

Bravi !
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squareitround (Offline)
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Default 01.12.2008, 17:50

I just got an email to from Martin to say I'd got second place, so a huge thank you to all who voted - it's really made my day.

Cheers to you all, and also another big thanks to Martin and the Unity guy&gals for running the competition.
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luke Bocchinelli (Offline)
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Default 01.12.2008, 18:32

Originally Posted by Mega View Post
Luke: tell us the truth, that's a photo... I saw you at the toys shop buying the Halo action figure

Grazie Paolo

And a very, very big thanks, for all tht voted for me too, It was a real fun excersise in sharpening up the modeling skills in Cheetah

Thanks again


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Targos (Offline)
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Default 01.12.2008, 21:50

Well done you guys, great quality work!

Cheers Martin!
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Eureka! (Offline)
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Default 02.12.2008, 02:22

ahh! yay! great job luke...a character most of us have spent a lot of time with. congrats to all!

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Satoru (Offline)
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Default 02.12.2008, 03:07

Thank you very much! I am very happy.

And then to the Cheetah3D, the 5th anniversary congratulations!!
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macitect (Offline)
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Default 02.12.2008, 16:36

WOW! Am I out to lunch...! I didn't even notice the entries/voting thread. I guess I've too long been in the habit of ignoring the contests forum.

Some really amazing work in there - in terms of modeling, rendering and creativity. Congrats to the winners and thanks for the inspiration!
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cgdigg (Offline)
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Daumen hoch 03.03.2009, 08:17

Good job! Congratulations!

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