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Default 26.11.2017, 23:56

Originally Posted by Hasdrubal View Post
I wouldn't say it that way, as it's just on top of the surface, like a qube or something you put on your desk. I wouldn't call that 'barely grazing'.

I always appreciate efforts to be more precise when describing things like this, so thanks for your clarification!

I used the term "barely grazing" in reference to what I expect to see when I use "drop to floor" on a human figure in Poser because its implementation of that feature depends a lot on which human figure I'm using and what the figure's default foot pose is. If the feet are pointing downwards, then the "drop to floor" command seems to put the arches (or maybe heels) on the floor plane, with the toes poking through the floor. If the feet are perpendicular to the floor, the command has different results, not always perfectly "on" the floor. So I generalized and called that "barely grazing"!

What annoys me about the "drop to floor" command in Poser is that I can't figure out precisely where it defines the floor to be, as it's not necessarily the ground plane that forms the bottom of the environment dome that all new Poser scenes open with (referred to as GROUND). I set up my default scene to have the ground a few units below 0 on the Y-axis just so that my figures's feet would land on it and not go through it when I use "drop to floor."

So if such a feature is implemented in Cheetah, it would be awesome if we could define where the "floor" is. Or perhaps it could be implemented as a tag we apply to a ground plane that defines it as the "floor," no matter where we've positioned it?

PS: As for snapping, that never seems to work that well for me if the various objects I'm trying to line up on a floor have different center points (or whatever factor determines where the bottom-most portion will snap to). I'm sure I could fiddle with various snapping increments, but I tend to just use the orthographic cameras instead.
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Hasdrubal (Offline)
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Default 27.11.2017, 10:14

s for snapping, that never seems to work that well

Just double click on the yellow center point. It gets blue. Klick on one of the most downward points of the object. Double click on the blue center point. It's yellow again. The center point which snaps to the surface will now align as you wish.

This method is ok, but with complex, small models it's sometimes tedious to get the right point. It doesn't work with subdivided models.

Sometimes at least, snapping does not work really well with surfaces (i. e it doesn't seem to register all of them). If that happens, try it again after changing the pivot a second time.

With subdivided models you have to do it by eye in cheetah, except when the border of the bottom is defined as 'crease' (selection, toogle crease). Otherwise you'd have to freeze the model, i. e. make editable, to use proper snapping.

"drop to floor" command in Poser

Actually it does nothing else then bring the most downward point of the object in contact with the surface. So if a the feet, or one, of a figure are not at an right angle, it could be, that the heel or a toe is this point that touches the ground.

The 'floor' (or 'ground') in any 3d app is 0 y. Always (only it wasn't always called y in earlier times). But there are several programs out there where you can put an object on the first surface it finds downward on the y-axis. That would be even better than just 'put on floor'.

I set up my default scene to have the ground a few units below 0 on the Y-axis just so that my figures's feet would land on it and not go through it when I use "drop to floor."

It's quiet a time since I used poser (was version 6), but something like this was never necessary. You just should make certain that the feet are in the right position which they are not, when you have the problems you describe.

To be able to change the floor (or ground, ground plane etc) doesn't seem useful to me at all. Your problem wouldn't be solved as the object would still seem to hoover over the ground with the same position of the feet.

Well, another reason of your prob could be shoes. If you drop a figure to the floor it would align the feet, not the shoes. Their soles would be under the floor (but one the other hand, in more then 10 years they should have found a better solution for that. So I'm not sure, if that is your problem).

All in all it's often not that important if an object is not exactly on the surface of the floor. The most downward point can be somewhere in the middle and it would not look naturally as the borders of such an object wouldn't touch the floor.

All in all it's not a very important feature for cheetah. It can wait (there are some other problems to solve and more important features to build).
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Default 27.11.2017, 13:09

If I remember correctly, Bryce had a command that would "drop" an object down
onto whatever object was under it, If nothing was under the object it would do nothing.

Couldn't this be accomplished with a script?

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Hasdrubal (Offline)
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Default 27.11.2017, 14:05

Couldn't this be accomplished with a script?


This is just one of 1000 functions that could make modeling a little bit faster. I like the modeler, but there would be lots of small functions to make it better and faster.

To enhance the modeler wouldn't be a bad idea, as another app, thought dead by the most like myself, was awakened like sleeping beauty after quiet a while.

With loft cheetah started already in that direction.
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Jeanny (Offline)
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Default 30.01.2018, 15:27

Originally Posted by Hasdrubal View Post
Well, just what the title says. A button to put an object to the floor without using dynamics etc.

Might this be the beginnings of such a script?

Thanks to KurtF's Script Post thought I'd just bring this to the attention of scriptures just in case anyone with such knowledge might be able to pick up on this and produce a Put-On-Floor script.

Wish it was me because that would mean I would be a whole lot 3D smarter than I am.

Fingers Crossed

My Best

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