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oldmicah (Offline)
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Default Output all objects scale to console - 05.08.2018, 13:26

I've been using Cheetah3d for visualizing items I'm building and it occurred to me that it would be really, really useful to be able to output a model (all objects) scale to console. (This would give me a list of items to cut and shape)

I don't use any 'meta' scaling (scaling of the boolean or groups) so I just need to walk the list of objects and output the scale factor.

pseudo code looks like this.

var outputtext = ""
for object in objectlist {
outputtext = outputtext + + "," + object.scalex + "," + object.scaley + "," + object.scalez + newline


I haven't been able to find any scripts that are close to this:

1) Is there a script that is close to what I'm looking for I can modify?
2) Can you point me to a script that iterates all objects and mods the scale factors?

as always, many thanks,
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frank beckmann (Offline)
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Default 05.08.2018, 17:39

I have no clue what you´re aiming for as I can´t help with any scripting.


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oldmicah (Offline)
Posts: 34
Join Date: 19.07.2010
Default 05.08.2018, 18:17

Sorry I wasn't clear enough: I was looking to see if anyone had written a script that would go through the objects in a scene and print out their scale values. For instance, for a drill press stand I just modeled, the script would show this in console:

Back : 33.6, 18.9, 0.75
top : 31, 22.1, 0.75
bottom : 31, 22.1, 0.75
Sides : 33.6, 27.200000000000003, 0.75
side suport : 3.5, 24, 1.5
fr bk support : 3.5, 19, 1.5
vert support : 3.5, 34, 1.5

This would basically give me a cutting list when I went to the garage and started cutting out physical metal and wood.

I was able to hack together the following from other scripts which seems to work.

disclaimer 1: this only shows the scale of the objects themselves. i.e If two shapes are in a group and that group is scaled, the group scaling is ignored.

disclaimer 2: I've never done Cheetah3d scripting (or much javascript) so while it works, it is a hack in the worst sense of the word.

var key = 'editorActive'; // parameter name var allValue = true; function main(doc) { var root = doc.root(); if ( root ) { printObjects( root, key, allValue ); } } function printObjects( obj, key, value ) { var cc = obj.childCount(); if (1) { // 1 => recursive / 0 => no recursive for (var i = 0;i < cc;i++) { var c = obj.childAtIndex( i ); printObjects( c, key, value ); } } if({ //save current object if it is a polygon object var objname=obj.getParameter("name"); var core=obj.modCore(); var list = new Array; list = StoreChild(0, obj); var scale = list[1].getParameter("scale"); print(objname + " : " + scale.x.toPrecision(3) + ", "+scale.y.toPrecision(3) + ", " + scale.z.toPrecision(3)) } } function StoreChild(iter, obj) { var childCount = obj.childCount(); var list = new Array(iter, obj, new Array); for (var i = 0; i < childCount;i++) { var child = obj.childAtIndex(i); var childList = StoreChild(iter+1, child); list[2].push(childList); } return list; }
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