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tim.smith (Offline)
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Default UV Unwrap/Mapping help - 11.07.2018, 16:57

Just upgraded to v7.

All I need to do is make 6-sided box packaging renderings.

I create my box (not a cube, but rather an elongated box)
Set my seams, and unwrap but the UV edit window show the flat panels as squares rather than rectangles. Any way for it to show like its actually unwrapped?

How then do I apply my flat package graphics to line up with the panels I'm seeing in the UV edit window?

Any decent BASIC tutorials on UV mapping that isn't a face or that Bi-plane tutorial that's been on youtube for 10 years now? I just need to know how each step works.
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frank beckmann (Offline)
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Default 11.07.2018, 17:10

Hi Tim and Welcome!
Pretty sure your mesh/object isnīt in 1:1:1 scale anymore. While its selected go to Tools->Coord System-> hit OK at Burn Transform and unwrap again.
Hereīs to a simple vid about the UV-mapper just in case:


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