Material Helper.js


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Material Helper.js

It's a tool script to manipulate material system.

it has just one function yet. I will update for more functions.



Texture Helper

gather all textures : all textures in scene will be copied certain folder by clicking "copy" button.
tex. folder : if you want to copy all textures into arbitrary sub folder, set folder name for this parameter. if it's blank, sub folder won't be created. default value is 'Textures'.


tg_jp, Hiroto


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Still works but I can only get it to save the textures to the desktop.Don'r know why. I haven't seen tg_jp or Frank lately.
Yes it did work for me but it must have taken a while because I only noticed the textures in the folder sometime after I closed Cheetah and moved on to something else. There is no progress indicator and I did not see the files being copied one by one so maybe it holds everything in memory and only shows the end result after all files have been processed?????