Alembic support

If you need a workaround for baking Cheetah physics into Alembic files in the meantime, I documented one way here:
Hey summarity thanks for posting this, works great!

Just a note for anyone else trying this - if you have multiple objects in your scene the Cheetah OBJ Sequence script is going to export them all. And in order for the Blender Geometry nodes to work you need to insure that the object which has the simulations the very first object in the stack so name it accordingly. If the simulation is attached to ‘Plane’ and you have both ’ Box’ and ‘Ball’ in your scene (maybe these are rigid body static meshes used in the simulation) the Blender file will try to use Ball as the dynamic object and the animation will not work. To avoid this issue rename Plane to something that alphabetically come before Ball.

QUESTION: Is there a way to modify the Geometry Node set up so that more than one object can be animated? For instance - in the example above, say both Plain and Ball are part of the moving simulation (the Plain, like cloth, falls onto and wraps around the ball but both are falling simultaneously from gravity). I tried grouping the two objects in Cheetah but in Blender that produced a strange flickering artifact.