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thank you for your comment.

at last update, I forgot packing Controlled Spline Tag.js file into zip file. I fixed that problem. please download again.


tg_jp, Hiroto

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Control Point (child) objects with Parent Constraint tag

This script was integral for a project I worked on last fall - thanks Hiroto!

There is one aspect that could use some attention. The script's child objects are used as control points in the spline. If you apply the Parent Constraint tag to parent the objects to another object, then animate, the child do not follow as expected. Rather, you must refresh their positions by turning the tag 'off', then 'on' again.

See the video I linked to >>

I have the control points constrained to the hydraulic fittings, and those fittings are parented to the pistons' position. In theory it should all work but as seen in the video the hoses don't follow.

Is this a problem with the script, or a problem with the Parent Constrain tag, or the way I've set it up? I've included a sample file if anyone wants to give a try >>

Thanks for looking into it.
--shift studio