Hi there cheeterz!

Hi there cheeterz!

Hi there nice to see a forum for Cheetah 3D.
I must admit I havent used it for some time now, but I promise I will soon!! :wink:
Anyway, I would like to propose something to Martin.
There is this excellent renderer around lately, maxwellrender from Next Limit (www.maxwellrender.com) and it is running (amongs others) on MacOSX too. The Dev team have released a SDK for creating connections between 3D modellers and Maxwellrender. Why don't you take a look Martin and see if you can create a connection to it. Imagine the modelling power of cheetah and the rendering of Maxwellrender!!! :shock:

This is a C4D (Mac) to 3DS Max (PC) to Maxwellrender sample of mine:

check out the hirez if you want:

CU around people!
to be honest I've never heard about maxwellrender before but I've checked out the website and maxwellrender is definitively a very powerful and impressive renderer. But I'm not sure how big the interest in such an external renderer would be. Especially if you consider that the price of maxwellrender is also quite impressive (995$).
But maxwellrender is a great source of inspiration and it shows me what I have to add to my renderer. :wink:
Currently I think the time would be better invested to improve my own renderer.



P.S. Very nice image. Most of the effects are already possible with Cheetah3D. I think the only thing missing are the blured reflections. But that will be only a small problem to add them to the Cheetah3D.


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Rendering cigarettes is bad for your health.

Nice render. Maxwell does look interesting. I've been following it for while. When is the standalone due to be released? I think they are taking pre-orders now for around 4-500 bucks right? When it's released it goes to $1000. Pretty expensive.

Pretty slow too I've heard. How long did the ciggies take to render. what was the resolution?
The hires one was left there to bake for 80 hours cause I was away for the weekend.
The logic of maxwellrender is to render to a certain level of detail, but you can leave it rendering for ever and it will get better and better but after a while differences are so small you don't notice them. You can also tell it to render for some specific time.

The thing is that it uses real physics and that the setup is VERY easy. My cigarette image has a floor, a physical sky and two light sources (light emitting planes). Just as you would setup a studio photograph shot!

And hit render!

The price tag is now just under 400$. Believe me (I am a C4D user) even after so many years with C4D and its VERY good renderer I can't get near the quality of Maxwellrender.

This is the same pack in C4D it is nice (it has impressed many customers of mine) but now with maxwellrender it seems too fake. Even the textures are the same images. For the maxwell image I just exported as FBX, imported in Max, setup the lights and camera and hit the render button!

Nice to hear that you will add blurry reflections and other stuff Martin!
Looking forward to them!



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A couple of months ago I duplicated (as closely as I could) a model use on the Maxwell site and rendered it in Cheetah. I came pretty close and that was when I was pretty new to Cheetah. I'll dig it out and post it.