Twelve Step Program


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Twelve Step Program

Here's my idea for a contest (actually inspired by the Christmas Star tutorial and Alcoholics Anonymous):

Do anything you like, in twelve steps or fewer. Entries to be accompanied with a tutorial explaining the twelve or fewer steps.

What constitutes a "step"? Anything done with a single tool that can be clearly explained with a single image or sentence. E.g creating a primitive with a bunch of settings or building a series of joints.
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modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering in 12 steps...

ok, so I did this one last week but haven't found the time to prepare the tutorial...
I'm going to post the render anyway because I really love tonio's idea and wanna see if the thing takes off
I promise to upload the 12-steps-tut and the project file asap, hopefully the conjunctivitis that troubles me will let me work at the Mac a little more during the week end

nothing special but it's been a very funny project. hopefully someone will find it useful or funny too, once the step-by-step pdf will be ready...


EDIT: download the Project File with a quick pdf tutorial from here


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A shameless plug for my most recent tutorial which you can find here...

I thought it was worth posting though as it can be achieved in the 12 steps (roughly). The steps are as follows...
  1. Create a cube
  2. Make it editable
  3. Select all edges in edge mode and bevel
  4. Add subdivision modifier to cube
  5. Add particle array and drag cube inside
  6. Scale cube down leaving decent sized gaps between particles
  7. Add particle tag to cube and adjust scale variation and rotation variation settings
  8. Create a material with a slight reflection, check fresnel, choose any colour and assign to the cube
  9. Duplicate cube
  10. Duplicate material, change colour and assign to new cube
  11. Add radiosity (leave set as ambient occlusion) and an HDRI of your choice (uncheck background) to the camera object (also set background to transparent)
  12. Zoom in and hit the render button!
Hopefully those steps are within the rules!


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Nice work Alessandro! I plan on working my way through both your entries tomorrow, there are little touches and techniques in both that I'm not familiar with. Amazing to see what you can produce with so few steps. It would be great if a few other users came up with something for this one too!
Awesome Alessandro:icon_thumbup:
Don't be sorry I love this render scene..
your lights and flors ara always so....perfect!!
And your work in this thread is incredible for me