Material Grouping

Material Grouping

I'd love to have a way to group materials in the materials viewer pane (e.g., "Robot 1", "Robot 2"), instead of just having a billion materials sorted alphabetically -- anyone else?

I realize I could accomplish something similar by naming them 1-skin, 1-eyes, 1-hat and 2-skin, 2-eyes, etc, but that's a little cumbersome and near impossible when importing models from other apps (like Poser).
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It would be a big help to be able to group materials in material browser -- especially when having multiple objects and many materials.


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Yes Please add this "group materials in material browser" Martin it gets cluttered otherwise. I have lots of car materials 30+it would be so nice to just group them all into "Car Materials" and it would free up so much screen real-estate . Thanks


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:oops:I misunderstood Uncle808us' request.

I thought He was indicating he wanted to see the groups of materials in the Material Browser's Drop Down Library in the Material Browser instead of in the Material Browser's View Window.

Never-the-Less; I made a Tut showing how to place groups of materials in the Main Material Library.
I've posted it in the Tutorial Section in case anyone needed help with that:

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Thanks for all the trouble but.... Here's what I mean in the material viewer not the library.This would save space in the viewer.


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I do appreciate your effort and the time it took you to do that. I should of been clearer in the beginning. (Clarity not my strong point.)
You should make it into a PDF and link it in the tutorials section.

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I also would like material grouping as uncle808 suggests.
While we're at it, I'd like to have a 'list' view in the material browser and/or a way to view the entire name of a material too.
--shift studio.


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:)Hi Uncle808
I know you appreciate my attempts at tutorials.
You are always good to let me know that.
You were clear:
"group materials in material browser"
as was jdmac
group materials in material browser
As you can see: My thinking just took me in a different direction. I was thinking they would show in groups in the Add Material Browser drop Down List rather than in the Viewer. I probably would have worded my request the same way as you did.

It was a good way to get me from obsessing about creating Rose Quartz;
and now we have some more helps for C3D.

Then I'll link to it from here if it.

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