Inner Bevel

Inner Bevel

I was making a 3D jigsaw puzzle, and I was disappointed to learn there is no inner bevel in Cheetah3D. I had to contract my puzzle pieces and do an outer bevel to get it to look right, which was a pain.
Yes pls - an INNER BEVEL. This is a very old request from over 10 years ago, and I think something that will be very useful now that it is 2019.
Not sure if you know this, but a bevel like this is very easy to execute in one of the newer versions of Motion, although only for TEXT. Whats nice about it is it puts the bevel on the INSIDE, so the outline of the text doesn't change. I hope this can be implemented in Cheetah3D also soon since the original request was back in 2007. Thank you!


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