Extruding with bevels?

Extruding with bevels?

Just wondering if there is a way to (easily) achieve a bevel on the edges of any objects when you extrude? ie: extrude text and apply a rounded, slanted, etc bevel at the front edges.

Has anyone made use of the Illustrator CS import (via scripting)? I find that it doesn't recognize any compound shapes (ie: holes) in the graphics. Or is that something that has to be tweaked in Cheetah? Any chances that there will be an import of earlier versions of Illustrator (or EPS) files?
the current extrude object doesn't offer the possiblity to create a bevel on the edges. But it is possible to do it manually with the polygon tools although that is not very comfortable. But I will rewrite the extrude object. And I plan much more than just simple edge beveling for it. :wink:

As far as I know does the .ai loader work for .ai files generated by Illustrator CS. Older versions could cause problems.

If you export from Illustrator always just export Bezier splines. Text or other stuff won't be recognized correctly. The script just imports bezier paths.

Doesn't it even load the spline correctly?

If a compound shape doesn't look correct under the extrude tool it is possible that both splines the outer spline and the hole have the same winding rule. But Cheetah3D expects that the hole has a opposite winding than the outer curve. Changing that winding of the hole, which can be done with the "Reverse Sequence" tool, should help.

I hope that I could help.

Looking forward to bevel tools!

Yes, the Illustrator CS loader works, but perhaps the slines had the same winding. I'll have to play with it some more with the Reverse Sequence tool and see how it works. I think older Illustrator versions of .ai files have compression built in, and don't import.