Welcome to the Cheetah3D user forum!

Welcome to the Cheetah3D user forum!

I want to welcome everybody to the new Cheetah3D user forum. From beginners to experienced users.
Over the last months the request after a user forum was becoming bigger and bigger. So I finally decided to open the Cheetah3D user forum. I hope that it will become the first address to find answers to your questions about Cheetah3D or to discuss how things can be done. But it should also be a place where you can post your Cheetah3D feature requests or where you can show what you've done with Cheetah3D. To make it short, everything concerning Cheetah3D will be welcome here.

I hope you enjoy it. But now its time to register and start posting. :D

Hi Martin,
Thanks a lot for the work to establish the forum. I am sure this will be a great help for Cheetah3D and the users. And hopefully this will be also a good place for unvaluable tips and tricks.
Thanks heaps for the fourm Martin... looks great

now I won't have to scrape the SU and PPB forums to find Jake's discussions about Cheetah...

only bummer is my wife is going to hate me and my PowerBook totally... she already feels like a computer widow I think...

cheers and all the best

ps: good to see you went with this Forum software... same as IlexSoft's HighDesign forum software by the looks... so much better than @Last's SketchUp forum... and open source and free as well... cool


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I just bought Cheetah yesterday after trying it out for a couple of days... it´s great! Looking forward too whats comming soon with animation and all. Thank You Martin and keep up the good work!