Displacement Tutorial WANTED....

Displacement Tutorial WANTED....

Hi there.
I just downloaded the demo of the Cheetah 3D and I am very impressed with the whole program. It is very simple to learn, and quite easy to use.

I have one question though... DISPLACEMENT MAPS?

I have some knowledge how to create them through my work as a package designer, and I have also used them in both Photoshop and Strata... I tried it in Cheetah, but not with very good results.

I understand that the whole idea is to apply subdivision, and I do so but with very weak results. (see image) It seems to me that I need to apply many instances of subdivision to get the required results.... and the program crashes after I add like the 3rd or 4th.

So my squestion is this... Can someone post a good and simple Tutorial on how to acomplish this in Cheetah 3D? I would realy like to use this software to create 3D mockup of packaging for my clients.

Oh... and Martin... GREAT JOB MAN! Two Tumbs Up... Way up!


Displacement maps virtually move the object's vertices on their normal axis.
Hence you need a fine polygon raster to ge fine displacement results.

For finer but less high reliefs you might want to use bump maps.
They simulate a bumped surface without actually moving vertices.
Hence their quality doesn't depend on the polygon count.
Odd how Cheetah crashes at 3 or 4 sub-divs. I can get to 6 on my G5 with 1.5 gig. What set up are you running?

Anyway this is how I might do it for a box, although for a shallow relief you are probably better off with a bump map. Hope it is of some help.

Thanks guys... I'm going to play with this a bit and then I will post my results. Don't stay up waiting... this may take a while.