Master List of Tutorials

I've written a simple utility program (I call it Bookifier) that takes a directory full of HTML and converts it into a single giant HTML document (and repairs all the URLs it finds as it goes).

Eventually the idea is to be able to convert this into a Pages document and add table of contents, header, footer, and so forth, but I encountered some issues which prevented me from doing it in the hour I set aside for the task... (in essence, the problem has to do with the way the help files uses aliases of images).

In the mean time I'm making the resulting PDF available on my c3d stuff page.
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I've reorganized all of the c3d stuff on my website. The old page now redirects to, and everything I could fine has been reorganized into this folder. I've updated the tutorial links in the master list.
Cheetah for beginners

Hi all,

I want to buy the cheetah for beginner pack but there is zero information about it. Which annoys me. Is there a list of subjects it covers, and more importantly is it updated for the new 6.0 system. I dont want to buy something that is outdated.
AFAIK the videos were done for C3D5 and are a bit out of date. My book (shameless self promotion) is up to date.
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Yes, your book is pretty great. Just purchased and finished reading it tonight. Thanks for the time you put into it! I especially appreciate the chapters on node based materials!
Thanks for the effort to provide and maintain this collection.

I think these two original videos by Martin could also be referenced in the list, cause they cover the basics of snapping and the gadget mode.
I have formed and formatted podperson's nodes tutorials plus the node icons, into a PDF, as aid to my own learning curve, but at only 1.2MB it is too large. How do I get it onto the forum (I have even Zip'd it, but it is still too large)
You need a trustworthy external file-hoster. I don´t name one as I´ve seen a lot of them gone and take all with it.

Hi, Frank, please see my post in general. It seems so sad that anyone wishing to send up something in their honest opinion, that could help others, has to use "a trustworthy external file-hoster". As I have said elsewhere, I use pCloud to back up my important stuff.
Hello, I would like to thank you for this list of tutorials. As far as I understood some of the links are broken or invalid I read them in the comments section. In this case, I would recommend you simply search online for help. When I needed some assistance with excel assignment help I simply searched for online tips in order to complete it before the deadline
What are you missing? I mean, most of the innovations are under the hood, like the new Metal Framework, or the integration of the new Apple processors (Apple Silicon M1/2/3) or file compatibility.