Master List of Tutorials

Master List of Tutorials

The purpose of this post is to collect links to useful tutorials, both Cheetah 3D specific and of general interest to 3D artists. Feel free to post suggested additions or changes to the list, which will be made from time to time.

All the tutorials below are free unless otherwise indicated.

Printable Manual here (current as of 5.8).
NoVolume's free YouTube tutorials
Learn 3D with Cheetah 3D video tutorials

Introductory Tutorials
Cheetah3D for Beginners ($29, 4h of high resolution video, downloadable)
Robert's Tutorials on
Basic Editing
Brewing Beer
Box Modeling with Symmetry
Christmas Star
Three Video Tutorials
Crystal Rose
Leg Rigging
UV Transparency
Scalpel Tool -- Cutting a Hole in a Face
Using the UV Mapper Tool
5 Minute Guide to Chrome Logos
5 Minute Guide to Lighting & Textures
Making a simple building
Cover Tool
Free Video Tutorials (Modeling & Radiosity)
Miscellaneous Introductory Video Tutorials (no sound)
Guide to the Cheetah 3D Viewports and using the Sky Light
Simple Nut Model in 10 Steps
Material System: Simple Materials (video), Node Property Thread, and Decorated Pig.

More Advanced Tutorials
Turning a model into Lego
Face Modeling
Cloth Modeling
Decorated Pig lots of examples of node-based shaders
Dynamics — Overview of Rigid Bodies video and text summary
Fast Test Renders -- video tutorial
Hair (making a beard)
Hand Tutorial
Image Filters using Nodes
Infinite Floors -- video tutorial
Particle Arrays -- video tutorial
Scripts chapter from Learn 3D with Cheetah 3D
Softbox (Lighting) Effect -- video tutorial
Toon Rendering
UV Mapping for Realtime Applications
Building rounded corners out of cylinders
Making objects softly and silently disappear with animated UV offsets`
Hints on Blueprints
Transparent Movies
Introduction to Creators
Introduction to Modifiers
Wrap Modifier

Non Cheetah 3D Specific Tutorials
Joan of Arc tutorial comprehensive introduction to box modeling from concept art to finished character
General Concepts (e.g. how do hierarchies work? what are euler angles and what is gymbal lock?)
Modeling a Head
Rigging and Skinning: Hands On -- huge library of modeling videos most of which apply to any polygon modeler, including Cheetah 3d
Creating Seamless Textures in Photoshop
Making HDRI Images in Photoshop
Creating HDRI Images with Terragen
Modeling a human foot in Maya
In-depth example of texture mapping and post-processing an image in Photoshop
Eight Things You Need to Know About Video Compression

Useful Resources
Pixar in a Box Khan Academy course on 3d topics and the underlying Math, created in partnership with Pixar. -- amazing source of royalty free texture maps -- very handy source of high quality technical drawings, especially for military equipment, cars, motorcycles, etc.
Refractive Index and Related Constants (C3D doesn't implement all of this stuff yet.)
Refraction Indices of Different Materials
10 Lighting Setups for Cheetah 3D
25 Free Textures for Cheetah 3D
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I really liked the Box Modeling with Symmetry and UV Mapping for Realtime Applications. Very clear explanations and demonstration. I found it informative. :icon_thumbup:
Thanks :) ... I hope the new comic style tutorials are useful because they're a LOT easier to put together.

They're righteous! I assume you used Comic Life?

@ Macworld Expo, Plasq had a very cool jungle-themed booth. I told the cute gal in the Betty Rubble dress about your tutorials and she thoroughly grooved it!

You (or someone) should email Plasq the links to your tutorials; I don't think they've considered user documentation as a use for Comic Life :)
I'm very disappointed with Plasq's new Comic Life product. They've produced this new program "Comic Life Magiq" which I find inferior to the original and don't seem to be interested in improving Comic Life.
Manual - Link broken

The link to the manual seems to be broken. Can someone fix this or point me to a source for the manual? I'm quite new to cheetah3d and would really appreciate to have some printed material to help me get going.
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Tonio --

The links to 'making objects softly and silently disappear'


'Lightmapping / texture baking' seem to be broken...was looking forward to a bit of baking action...:smile:
Hi everyones !

I'm new here, I bought Cheetah 3D 4 last 3 month, and I was search complete tutorial on the web, ans I find this forum, it is very great ! awesome ! and I see this list of tutorials, and watch it, is it very incredible ! I learn a lot about cheetah, I have 4 word to tell is : Thank you very much !

well, but could yu tell me if yu have a presentation section ?

see ya

Quick Updates

I've added several things (including -- so Robert can relax and stop posting links to it to every question ;-) ) to the resources section. I hope to fix the baking tutorial link by posting a new video tutorial, but haven't gotten to it yet.