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Yes, simple enough except that there are several hundred to 1000 or more objects to be mirrored.

If I could put a symmetry modifier on an entire group ... then I'd be in business.
I think, for now, I'll do the scale = -1 method at the end of my modelling before rendering final images.

Thanks for all the considerations you put into it!
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Can't find Referenced Polygon.js : the link goes to TGJP site Referenced Particles.js:confused:

I'm finding the same...
Interestingly, I downloaded them both (Referenced Particles.js from both links), and they are very similar code, but not exactly the same.

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Damn - yes renders black. That make this script quite useless.
The only way you can now solve this is during modeling process by "simply" adding to symmetry-creators right into your hierarchy. Adding these later is easy enough:


Hi Frank, I've just assembled a few large sections of a model with many, many nested(child) symmetry creators in my hierarchy, very similar to your screengrab above - in fact I spent 2+ days doing it.

The idea is to use symmetry creators for minor mirroring within the large sections, then use Hiroto's 'Referenced Polygons' script to mirror these large portions to the other side of the machine (still these red farming machines)

So, it all looks great in C3D's viewport, then I go to render and nothing below a child symmetry creator renders - at all.

Yikes. Thats a big unpleasant surprise. Can you confirm?

I've included a really basic example in the screengrab below.

Also, when you said this >>
Not my workflow - if I have symmetrical objects in a scene I´ll model with symmetry on.
<< are you talking about using Symmetry modifier? I considered that, but have reasons (difficult to explain) not to.

Thanks for any insight.

btw, maybe I'll move this topic to a new thread - maybe ;)
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I can't seem to make the script work in Mojave 10.14.6 with C3D 7.4.2. Nothing happens when I run it. Is there a permissions adjustment to make? I've used it in C3D 7, just not sure when exactly which version. Thanks.