Is there a clever way to "expand" a model as in grow with correct xyz?

Hi guys,

I do a lot of 3D work, and sometimes I need to adjust for example a plug to fit into a hole after a 3D print as in "expand or shrink" an object with correct xyz structure.

To simply adjust the size does not do the trick for me. For now I have many times solved it with inverting normals an then shell to "expand" the lines. Afterwards I delete the inner parts (which is the original spline / stroke) keeping the other part. This works for me, but is there a simpler way?

Thanks as always guys!

Usually you have to leave some form of "margin" between 3D parts to be able to fit after printing. All filaments have some sort of shrinkage etc and to be able to make some form of logic for me in Cheetah like for example expand / shrink by 0.05 would do the trick :)
Perhaps "Normal Move" on selected polygons will work for you:
Normal Move.gif
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Frank what would we do without you!! I have tried this with offset but didn´t know you have to set a texture in Displacement for it to work. Finally I have a great solution for 3D printing linked objects with preferred distance between them :) Thank you!!