Cheetah 3D IRC Channel / Chat

Cheetah 3D IRC Channel / Chat

Hello Community,

Is there a Cheetah 3D chat available somewhere ?

-If not, what do you think about a Cheetah 3D IRC chat e.g. at the server ?

I would prefer if a real "oldschool" Cheetah 3D user would start it. I am currently checking out C3D 3.6 and I like it.
However... I am really excited about C3D 4 because of the new (animation) features and want to check out v4 before...

If noone created a channel when 4 was released and I bought it I'll probably create the channel. :)
sorry for my late reply. But I had so much work due to the v4.0 release.

To be honest I've never made a IRC chat in the 10 years since I use the internet. I usually always preferred forums. But I know that IRC is very popular under many users.

The Cheetah3d user community or better the active forum users community isn't very big yet. The problem with an IRC channel I see is that the small user community gets split up.
On the other side I already have enough work with maintaining/reading/anwsering the forum and developing/supporting Cheetah3D. So that I wouldn't find to much time to spend in the IRC too.

That's why I don't want to support an IRC officially yet since it would automatically require that I visit it from time to time.

At the moment I just prefer to focus on the forum. Sorry. Maybe later.

Yeah, I also think that a forum is the correct way.
If you post a question in the forum and someone else offers a solution then others can also benefit from the wisdom shared - even after months.
In an IRC channel only the people who were online at the time same time can take part of the talk and benefit. IRC has no public online transcript.