Selective Export


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I often model objects that have to work with other objects, for example, an automobile that has to work with a figure model as a guide. To get the dimensions and layout right, I'll load in a reference figure model. Eventually, I have to delete that figure model in order to export the automobile model. I usually do a cut-export-paste-save to make sure the "guide" model is still in the file, but it is annoying to have to do this, and, now and then, I get it wrong. That means a trip to Time Machine and some fussing around so that when I want to make a minor modification I have a file with both my model and guide.

There are a number of ways this could be better:
- Let me mark a set of objects as guides or otherwise not to be exported.
- Let me export only the currently selected objects.
- Let me choose what gets exported in an export dialog. (That would be annoying if it didn't remember the previous choices.)

Also, why not have export remember the preferred export file type?