Skylight variation


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Is it possible to implement some more skylight variations; I found some nice examples from my flight sim (X-Plane)


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You can only change the position of the sun but it does produce some nice realistic colors.

I set the Longitude and Latitude to 0 0 so the suns arc is
overhead and looks like it moves straight up and down.

Then I change the Date/Time to get variations in position.

Sunrise 01.jpg

Sunrise 02.jpg

Sunrise 03.jpg


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@Charless I hardly ever use the Skylight so I'm glad when someone asks about it and gets me thinking and testing.

And Frank made a suggestion that adds another tool to our toolboxes.
Here I animated only the Turbidity to get a nice sunrise simulation.



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* Assumption: Defining latitude, longitude, date and time allows C3D to calculate the position of the sun relative to the origin and plonk a distant light there. The additional parameters then tweak atmospheric conditions.

* Zoohead´s coordinates of 0°;0° indicate that he moved from Maine, US to Null Island, in the Gulf of Guinea. Actually, Null Island is a joke, there is nothing there except a floating buoy.
* In any case, in this case the X-axis is equal to the equator and moving North on the Z.axis you should get you to London.