How to configure MP4 video export

While still frame renders are razor sharp, the MP4 animation export creates grainy color blends.

How can I crank up video export quality, please?

frank beckmann

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MP4? Which Cheetah3d version are you using? We have ProRes4444 codec to save into a ".mov" container in the meantime for example.

frank beckmann

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Still wondering how you guys generate an MP4 from the Render Manager. Not possible to my knowledge with M1/BigSur.
HEVC for example don´t support alpha channel if that´s needed but ProRes4444.
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Well, the MP4 option is there in latest Cheetah 7.5.1 but I would like to adjust bandwidth/quality parameters.

Destination is Windows software which only supports MP4 so I am afraid that Apple ProRes might not be suitable.