And yet another thread about Threads - this time parametric


Threads ahead. But this time parametric. Coming from these threads here:
Specifically the answer with the blueprint.
This one for wood screws:
And this one here:
In this set-up it's easy to alter the "pitch" or rounding for the grooves.
In addition if you ever wondered how to assemble planks without the nasty Kreg-tool holes: :p


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This is a great additional step for my thread building. Thanks @EllenM
I still make a 1x1 panel to start with, but then I create a spline from the edge.

Adjustment of the threads is easy.

View attachment 37333

Cool sculpture, although the artist didn't do his homework.
Wood screws are not tapered along the entire length, just the very end is tapered and rounded.
So how is just the end tapered and rounded?


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@uncle808us On further research I find wood screws have slightly
tapered main thread and then the end is rounded or some are beveled.
Sheetrock screws and sheet metal screws on the other hand have a straight thread body.

There are so many different screws out there.

To taper the end I find it works better if you make it editable and square off the end with a Boolean first.