How do you fold up dieline to make model

Hi Guys,
Okay I searched and really couldn't find what I am trying to do. I have a blank dieline (attached pdf) that I need to fold up to create a model and then render
a 3D for. It has to be somewhat accurate as this will be used for a planogram for a store.

How technical (hard) is this to do? If someone could please show me a step by step tutorial (in laymans terms) or point me to
an existing tutorial, I would be so grateful!! I always get the best answers here.

Any videos out there that might best explain? I know I've posted this in the past but I don't use Cheetah often enough to understand.

Thank you SO much in advance to whoever might be able to help me!!



  • Pilapad DIeline .pdf
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Do you have one cut and put together yet?
I believe it will be much easier to build in assembled condition.
If so, do you have any pics of it?


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Can you show some other examples?
I may be able to figure a more efficient method than trying to "fold" in a 3D program.


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Die line drawings are very precise and designed for paper/board of a certain thickness.
When lines don't line up, there's a reason, mostly to accommodate it's own thickness.
This needs extra geometry in a 3D program as do curves.

Here's a comparison of my 3D version with the original to show the extra geometry.
Any parts that will be tucked in and not seen, could be eliminated to simplify the model.

DieLine Compare.jpg


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Will this serve the purpose?

The dimensions I gleaned from the pdf and then made a box that size.
I made a Ring Cut to establish the thickness of the header and
used the Cover Command and the Transform Tool to make it.

The hardest part was using a Boolean to cut out the hang hole.
If this is acceptable I can show you more detail, this is relatively easy.

Dieline 02 test.jpg
wow yes Zoo, can you please share how you did this? I am no where near as experienced so the more detail the better!

Thank you so much brother, I really appreciate it!


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Do you usually have finished dimensions for these?
If so it'll be even easier as that will be the starting point.
usually just the flat PDFs. I get how you can make the main part of the box, but how do you make the riser? Is that just a separate plane?


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You use the Ring Cut tool to establish the thickness of the header.
Then select the polygon and choose the Cover Command which creates the new header geometry.
Then pull up using the Transform Tool.