hey ,guys .I am from china .I very like cheetah3d.now I don't know about the morph for the model.help me



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Add a Morph Tag to model.
Click + in Morph Tag Panel.
Move points, edges and polygons.
Click + again.
Select original Morph in panel.
Right click/drag in Morph Panel and select Restore.
Move slider to see morph action.
I have tried your way today . and it go work ,very fine. but how can I make the morph animation record into the keyframe.and how to do the emotion animation details in cheetah 3d. friend.:giggle:
and new question I find out that when I creat a morph ,and then go to send morph ,and the first one infulunced the first morph ,which can not divide each other like the photoshop's layers, and almost break my morph work on model that changed the shape many times .:oops: