Automatic Ball Return


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We've all seen the simulation, balls rolling down some sort of ramp.
I wondered if I could recycle the balls so it would keep recycling as long
as the Take was running, the simulation equivalent to perpetual motion.

It took me a while but I figured out I could use Gravitation Effectors if I set them as a negative number.

Because the balls are under the influence of the Dynamics gravitation,
the negative number must be greater than that setting in the Dynamics Panel.
Earth gravity is just under 10 so I set the Effectors to -20 which moves them up pretty quick.



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Thanks Monk, I didn't think I could do it.
Almost every time I try to do something
complicated with dynamics it gets dicey.

I made use of the Gravitation Effectors cone shaped geometry selection
in the Range section to avoid effecting the balls in the "drop zone".
And a second one in a cylinder shape to get them up the tube at the top.



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This one is just a test, the way it's built it would be a nightmare to do that.
Great idea though.

Working on a new idea already...


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Thanks Has, I'm getting better at working at the computer for longer after my accident.
I will make an effort to finish it and not put it on the shelf with all my other unfinished projects.


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Here's a screen capture of the new design.

This kaos mode, with 125 balls. Later I hope to add a
regulation system to let the balls out at regular intervals.

I would like to get the balls to "ride the vortex"
for longer but so far this is the best I can do.



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Thanks Helmut, I do enjoy Escher's work...

Here's a little experiment. I simply animated the Gravitational Effector.
I turned the elasticity up on the ball and plane to get a better bounce.