Bumpmap not aligning in specular highlights

MonkeyT, we share similar backgrounds indeed. You must remember Aldus PageMaker and Ventura Publisher from the sounds of it. I dragged the shop where I was working into DTP and had to adapt myself as well. I remember going to Seybold SF and seeing Photoshop introduced. What a paradigm shift that was for a camera jockey.

You've made much greater inroads into the 3D/CG world than I. Expanding from the 2D world to the 3D world was/is a challenge for this cowboy. I suppose if I would put more time into really learning things, I might be able to create 3D things better. But it always seems to be utilitarian somehow - adjunct to some app I'm working on. I spend most of my time in Xcode now. And that takes constant work to stay up to date with the changes that keep coming down the Apple pipe.

Anyway, I appreciate your engagement with my floundering. The info you sent is great. I had no idea what normalmaps were when I started this project. I understand them a much better now - well at least somewhat better anyway. So much to know in the CG world...!
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