Pose recording issue

I have recorded some poses for a character and I can't seen to get them to record as keyframes. I tried manually and with the auto-keyframe on, neither worked. Is there some additional step I'm not doing? Thanks for any insight to solving this problem!


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Make sure you have the right thing selected when keying,
you may be trying to key the pose tag itself.
I have controllers set up so I key them.
Sorry Zoo, I was hoping it was something simple (and it probably is!), that you wouldn't have to spend too much time on! I always feel a litle bad about asking so much from the forum, you and Frank especially. It's the most simple walking animation! Here is my process: go to the desired spot on the timeline, hit the desired set pose button, I see that it does move the character and set a keyframe in the timeline, but when I scrub the frame, the character reverts back to the previous pose, the pose ididn't set the keyframes. Here are some pics:



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No problem, that's why I'm here.
After you set the pose you have to select the first joint
and also turn on the Key Hierarchy setting to key all joints.