Default Material Settings (bug?)


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Are we supposed to be able to override the default material settings? I would like to!

1) Saving a material in C3D's root materials folder does nothing.
2) Saving a material in the materials/default folder creates a menu entry that does not reproduce the material saved.

I'd like to be able to (1) replace the default material (ideally with a PBR-based material) and (2) have a bunch of material "stationery".

frank beckmann

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You can at least change the "Material.c3dmat" in the program package with your own and it will appear as first in the list (same name given) or if other name in the "Default"-folder:

The Material shader is taken from the app bundle to make sure nobody messes it up. To change it you have to change it in the bundle. But please be aware that editing the bundle will destroy the apps signature. So it will fail to launch should macOS re-check the apps signature. That's the downside of app signing.

I plan to change to the PBR shader as default in the future. Especially since I also want to use it in the Metal 3D preview.