Telescoping Action


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The Morph Tag is cool, I should use it more. But for this animation it was extra
work as I could have recorded two keyframes rather than two morph positions.



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I tried doing it using an animated parent constraint (offset) and it seems not to work at all. I wonder if there's a bug.


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This one uses rotation of the target object.

The target object is the one that will be the parent, and the one with
the Parent Tag is animated by way of the offset fields of the tag.

To make it look like gravity is causing the cylinder to slide out, I used F-curves.



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I wondered if animating the target object with Spline Tracking would animate the offset,
and it does, even if you don't keyframe the position in the spline tracking tag. o_O:cool:

These are the same except the bottom one has no keyframes in the spline tracking tag.