Exporting textured planet to .obj file

I created a sphere, then converted into a polygon and then textured it with the "Planet" material. The resulting model rendered beautifully, so I baked the texture and saved it into a file named Planet.png. I then exported the model to .obj format to get a Planet.obj and Planet.mtl file. However, upon inspecting the .mtl file, I found it contained no reference to the generated texture map file Planet.png. What do I need to do to get the export to link the .mtl file to the .png file?

For reference, I've attached copies of the various files in a .zip file except that i had to derez the Planet.png file into a Planet.jpg file to get the size of the zip file down to something this system allow me to upload.



Hi Wayne.
I guess you baked the texture to UV set 2 instead of default UV1.
Bake again (add an ambient light source) save to png - make new material add png to diffuse channel and assign to "Ball" (delete former material and Bake-tag assignment - export again.



Oh, BTW, is there some way to alter the appearance of the planet, such as changing a random seed? Ideally, it would ne nice to be able to define things such as the ration between water and land, or water, land and snow.

Thanks again! I'd forgotten about the node interface, as I've never really learned to use it. I'll have to remedy that. But, I like that I can change the turbulence value independently from the fractal value, as that would seem to allow me to generate the same planet with different weather. Is that right?

Sadly not, turbulence and fractal together drive the whole gradient including the white cloud like parts.
With this linear setting landscape and clouds cannot be adjusted independently, that would afford a more sophisticated node setting with independent node chains for ground and atmosphere.