Ease-in Ease-out


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I have been using Cheetah V.1 and I make loads of technical animations. It used to be so easy, open the f-curve editor, select all and choose flat (as I recall). Now it seems that none of the options from the tangent menu allow you to apply an ease-in-ease-out to the whole animation. I read that you can choose splines and do this manually - but having tried it, it takes hours and the results look like my model is having a freaky fit. Please can we have the flat tangent option back? XXXX


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I agree +1

In my opinion the old way was much better, now it's less friendly and keeps changing every time you edit or add a keyframe. :(


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* I have suggested that way back, as I considered it to be an almost native smoothing of animations Unfortunately, the response was silence from the region of the Black Forest :(:mad::devilish: