Cheetah3D 7.4 Beta 1

it has been quite some time since the last Update. The main focus off v7.4 was to add support for app notarisation and to fix some smaller problems which surfaced on macOS 10.15 Catalina (Beta).
App notarisation is a new security technology from Apple which is mandatory for all newly released apps since June 3rd 2019. So it was obvious that Cheetah3D has to support app notarisation.
To notarise an app the software has to be sent to Apple where Apple scans the software for malicious code. If Apple doesn't find any malicious code it notarises the app and the end user has some more confidence that the software doesn't cause problems.
Unluckily notarisation also comes with some limitations like it's no longer possible to run non-notarised code. So developing scripts which run non-notarised native code will become impossible.

If you want to learn more about app notarisation please check out the following link:

You can download Cheetah3D 7.4 Beta 1 at:

Version 7.4 Beta 1:
-Cheetah3D is notarised for improved security
-upgraded FBX SDK (v2019.0)
-fixed various problems with macOS 10.15
-fixed add material bug on (only on macOS Mavericks 10.9.5 and older)
-fixed .gltf und .glb exporter bug
-fixed bug in smooth modifier
Please let me know if you run in any problems.

On macOS 10.15 scripts which use a command line tool as their backend won't work anymore. But only a very limited number of scripts use this feature. I can only remember three of them

Sound Loader.js

All scripts which are a plain .js file will work as before.