Leaves on a vine via CHAIN Creator

I'm trying to model a vine and putting leaves using "CHAIN" creator. As you can see in the picture, I got the starting leaves (lower right) in the right place/rotation already - but the ending leaves have a weird z-axis rotation to them by default. I'm trying to tweak the rotation using the dH / dP / dB but its not working. Also - if the starting leaves are already in alignment, why do the ending leaves not follow the spline path? Is there a setting I have missed? Let me know if anyone has a better way of doing this using CHAIN, thanks. Or is doing the rotation manually the right thing to do? Thank you!

Screen Shot Leaves.png

frank beckmann

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Before I go more into detail; can you first place your leaves at xyz=0 and make a reset via Coord System->Burn Transform please?

Thank you Frank - leaves are at xyz=0 and reset via Coord System. Slightly better, but I could't rotate the leaf more than this. Any ideas I can try out?
Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 4.59.49 PM.png
hi Frank,
Let me try once more then send you the file. That thing you pointed out apparently is an out of place vertice! I'll fix and lets see.


frank beckmann

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Just a small hint. If you need the leaves dead flat along an open spline it might be necessary to rotate the mesh along a certain axis:

You're right Frank - the leaves DO have a slight twist to them. I tried to tweak the dH/dP/dB a little to fix it, but its not a 100% fix. Is that a bug or something?