Cheetah3d 6 manual in PDF Chapters

For myself, this comparison of Cheetah3D and Blender is not fair as they are not intended for the same market.
What is the target group of blender? Answer: Everyone interested in 3d. Cheetah users belong to the target group.

but its hardware and software is just not up to the mainsteam (PC) world
It was and it is. First time around I got interested in Macs was simple because of software working many times faster while my pc had the much better specs. The difference isn't probably that big anymore, but hardware and software on macs are mor than a match. It's the price that lets many people shy away form the Mac, because you can get cheap PCs that do their work for much less then the cheapest mac mini. But if you get roughly the same performance (like a 5k screen on an iMac), the price is roughly the same.

For 3d works, thoughs, there is the problem of not getting nvidia cards on the mac anymore (which is a shame. Their denoiser is far better than anything amd has to offer), no threadrippers, no this nor that.

Another downside are computer games. Apple lost that customer segment a long time ago and never did enough to win it back. They will certainly not be able to with something like a mac pro.

Dr Wengenmayer and friends wrote it specifically for the Mac.
No friends there. Martin did the programming alone, using some libraries and other prefabricated stuff (as do all developers), but it's his work alone (the friends come in helpful at the marketing side).


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Hi Hasdrubal,
I think Blender, by virtue of its uses is more for the Professional user. I think that I read somewhere that several semi-major film, ie an audience pays to see them, have used Blender for its CGI effects, and the users all use PCs or custom built platforms. Cheetah3D on the other hand, due to it's Mac only application and the accompanying rendering etc limitations, has not been taken up by the mainstream CGIers.

I, IMHO would say that Cheetah3D serves a more limited user group, not in terms of their ability (look at your good self and all the other members of this Forum), but in its intended use; as a learning tool, a stepping stone. In this format it is unrivalled.

Hi Helmut,

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While Blender is today indeed used by professionals (but not only), it's not that long ago (some 15 years or so), that they still laughed at it. Today it's often used with paid plugins, like renderers (for example you can get a vray node for 300 $). As much as I dislike Blender, with all those plugins it's a match for everything out there.

But it never was meant for professional use only. By far most blender users are amateurs, and you could find hundreds of tutorials aimed at beginners without any knowledge of 3d. In the pc world there isn't much alternative to it, as even steam versions come at a price of several 100 dollars and many of the smaller 3d packages are no more or are abandon-ware (like carrara, still sold by DAZ but not updated for many years).

I do agree with you that Cheetah has the more limited user group, but this group belongs to the target group of Blender.

For now. That could end when OpenGL will be gone. Blender foundation will not port it to Metal. I'm sure some 3rd party will step in sooner or later but that's no more than my personal belief.