Drag and Drop import

  • Dragging an image into the 3D view (but not onto an object) creates a plane with a default material using that image and the size where 1 unit is 1 px
  • Dragging an image onto an object with no textured material creates default material using this texture
  • Dragging a 3d model (e.g. obj) into the scene will do the same as the import feature
  • Dragging a 3D model onto a node in the scene graph will import the model as above but parent it to the node it was dragged on
Thanks for consideration :)


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I agree that this would be a very nice thing to have. Also, drag and drop import of SVG / PDF would be very helpful as well.

Well… it has to be some correlation that makes sense. Maybe the scale factor could be set in the file import preferences. I work on pixel-perfect graphics where the camera is set up to have 1px match 1 unit on the pixel-perfect plane, though.
I’m curious to see the pixel perfect work. I’m I’m unsure what you’re getting at.

For me most images I work with (and augment with CGI) are in the 4K to 8k range. So the proposed correlation wouldn’t be appropriate for me.
—shift studio.